★ faq
Can I link to your website?
Yes, I'm glad to hear that!

Can I post your pictures on my blog?
Please email me if you are posting any articles about my works and please ask for my permission before you want to use any images of my works. Please make sure to give me full credit. (my name + link)

Do you read all the comments?
Yes! I will get email update when you leave a comment in cargo. Please forgive me if I didn't reply you, because time is not allow to reply one by one. But I really thank you for every comments and your support.

Where can I buy your works?
You can purchase my works in online shop or find your nearest stockists here.

Do you do wholesale or consignment?
Yes, please read here.

What kind of drawing utensils do you use?
Please read here.

Where do you buy shrink plastic?
You can buy this in Craft Haven, One U shopping mall, KL, Malaysia. For online, I usually buy them from Ebay, Etsy shop or Bello Modo.

How do you work on shrink plastic?
I don't have secret about this. I'll start to google when I'm interested in learning new things. You can search many tutorial videos in Youtube, it is easier to learn step by step. I use permanent markers to draw on shrink plastic and heat it. To learn any new skill or gain expertise you need to practice, practice and practice.

How do you work on jewelleries? Are they handmade?
I draw on paper and cover it with a layer of 3D crystal lacquer. They are all handmade. You can buy 3D crystal lacquer in Sakura Hobby Craft.

What website do you visit often?
FFFFound / Etsy / Youtube / Pinterest / Pikaland

What camera do you use?
I use Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1.

Are you really 152 cm tall?
Yes. I'm comfortable with it!

If I'm coming to Kuala Lumpur, what places do you recommend to visit?
For art bazaar, I usually take part in Pipit Wonderful Market, welcome to visit me if you come.
For local artist's works and handmade products, you can grab them in Pipit Zakka Store.
For lomo fans, take a look at The Click Shop.
For coffee, you can try nice coffee in Dou Yuan (豆原).
For good meal, please visit Poco Homemade. You may spent your afternoon in there.
For gallery, you can visit Annexe Galleries and Galeri Petronas.
For gig lovers, you may find latest news in Soundscape Records.

Do you have mailing list? Where can I follow your latest updates?
If you would like to be updated about my latest news, please join my mailing list. I also on other social networks: instagramshopetsyblogspotflickrfacebooktwittertumblrpinterest

How can I contact you if I have any question?
Please feel free to email me at hello@minifanfan.com.