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Happy Drawing for Happy People

Eng Gee Fan is a Malaysian Chinese, her wonderful Chinese name called “依凡” pronounced as Yī Fán. She raised in a small town called Kota Tinggi and currently living with 2 dogs in Perlis (Malaysia).

She graduated in Visual Communication at the art school and started her full time illustrator career after one and half years working in design industry. Gee Fan is also the founder of independent label named Minifanfan. Her aim is simple. To make people feel happy and cheerful when they look at her creations, hence her tagline “Happy drawing for Happy People” that she has created for her works.

When Gee Fan isn't illustrating, she will probably make stuffs with her hands.

Something random about herself:
1) She loves bob hair, minimalism, gigs, drawing and handmade.
2) She loves to have tomatoes and potatoes in her every meals.
3) She is only 152 cm tall, and always proud of it!
4) She never have long hair.
5) She hopes she will back to New Zealand soon and fulfill her dream of driving a campervan on her trip.
6) Keep calm and carry on dreaming

If you like her works, you can purchase her products in SHOP or ETSY. If you're interested in commissions, collaborations or just to say hi, you can reach Gee Fan at hello@minifanfan.com

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Selected Client List
IKEA Malaysia
Drypers Thailand
Alba Editorial

Pipit International Creative / Issue 4
Mint Magazine / Sept 2011

Weekend Cheoks / 2014
Gumball / 2013
Frankie / 2012
Babiekins Issue 9 / 2012
Edison Rex / 2011
Page Thirteen / 2011
Loco For Local by Pikaland / 2011
Studio Sweet Studio / 2011

Group Exhibition
SMART exhibition in Light Grey Art Lab, Minnesota / 2013
Human Flower in Q Pop, Los Angeles / 2013
Make A Notebook Exhibition in Pipit Zakka Store Mini Gallery, Malaysia / 2013
Experimental Theatre & Illustration Exhibition - The Dead Sea, Malaysia / 2012
Polka Dot Exhibition in Pipit Zakka Store Mini Gallery, Malaysia / 2011
What is Q? in Q Pop, Los Angeles / 2011
Casting de mascotas in Duduá at Passatge de la pau 13, Barcelona / 2011
H5 x NookaNooka Artist Series in Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia / 2010